The little history of Madame Germaine

Started in 2015, Madame Germaine aims to spread the values ​​of openness, conviviality, pleasure and respect. These are the very same values that Germaine Laroche (the grand-mother of Anne Rouleau) herself embodied. A warm woman who excelled in welcoming and making people happy!

With the recipe book of Germaine, and a bicentennial house to share, Anne developed the concept of offering discovery through food, in a spirit of transmitting family recipes, stories and human experiences. Given Anne’s international background, it has quickly become an adventure across the globe.

Always in search of authentic recipes, Madame Germaine makes her guests travel by sharing food, making them feel happy and open to others. From Quebec to Vietnam, Madame Germaine makes its guests travel through an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Still today, Madame Germaine wishes to inspire a community of people from all over the world to become open minded, curious to discover others, willing to create connections, to share and to keep human contact.